Because of Lukasz’ Poland research, we were able to verify a connection that was a mystery in the United States.

My grandfather Joseph Kraus’ estate contained a photo of a Tomasz Kraus. While the photo was important enough for my grandfather to keep, no one in the current family knew who Tomasz.was. Lukasz’ research discovered siblings for my gr-gr-grandfather Martin Kraus – we were able to discover that Tomasz was son to one of Martin’s siblings, meaning he was my grandfather’s cousin. We have since learned that Tomasz was godfather to my grandfather’s first child, and my grandfather was witness at Tomasz’ Chicago wedding in 1913. Without verification of Tomasz’ parents, he would still be a mystery to us.

Lukasz’ work continues to benefit long after his report is delivered. Thanks, Lucasz and YRIP!

Margaret Gaering, USA