When I learned the name of the small village which was my grandmother’s last known place of residence before she immigrated to the U.S. shortly before my trip to Poland, I contacted Your Roots in Poland for help. Michał found records of my grandmother’s birth, those of her siblings, as well as other ancestors in that village. In addition to the research, they arranged for me to travel with Andrzej, who was also a highlander, to that village in Galicia. Thanks to the Roots team, I was able to see the spectacular landscape my grandmother had seen. They also arranged for me to meet with the local administrator, the local priest, and the eldest living resident of the village. What I learned has given me a new sense of who my ancestors were as a group of people as well as why I am who I am.

It was a pleasure to meet Michał and Kinga at their office. Their encouragement and support were more than I expected.

I could never have accomplished any of this on my own and the Roots team was able to work with me on very short notice. I would strongly recommend Roots to anyone who would like to learn about their Polish heritage.

Claudia Stanek, USA