Because of Lukasz’ Poland research, we were able to verify a connection that was a mystery in the United States.

My grandfather Joseph Kraus’ estate contained a photo of a Tomasz Kraus. While the photo was important enough for my grandfather to keep, no one in the current family knew who Tomasz.was. Lukasz’ research discovered siblings for my gr-gr-grandfather Martin Kraus – we were able to discover that Tomasz was son to one of Martin’s siblings, meaning he was my grandfather’s cousin. We have since learned that Tomasz was godfather to my grandfather’s first child, and my grandfather was witness at Tomasz’ Chicago wedding in 1913. Without verification of Tomasz’ parents, he would still be a mystery to us.

Lukasz’ work continues to benefit long after his report is delivered. Thanks, Lucasz and YRIP!

Margaret Gaering, USA

It has been a pleasure to work with your team, and with Łukasz Karpecki and Michał Gierszon in particular. They have been most helpful in providing me the best results I could expect, listening carefully to my request and doing everything possible to suggest ideas and to successfully provide the documents I needed.

Steven, USA

After almost 2 years and 21 research reports, all I can say is WOW!!

Michał Gierszon and his team are very thorough and professional and did not leave any stone unturned.  What an awesome team. I would highly recommend Your Roots in Poland to anyone wanting to find their Polish roots.

Thank you again!

William Stojak, USA

When I learned the name of the small village which was my grandmother’s last known place of residence before she immigrated to the U.S. shortly before my trip to Poland, I contacted Your Roots in Poland for help. Michał found records of my grandmother’s birth, those of her siblings, as well as other ancestors in that village. In addition to the research, they arranged for me to travel with Andrzej, who was also a highlander, to that village in Galicia. Thanks to the Roots team, I was able to see the spectacular landscape my grandmother had seen. They also arranged for me to meet with the local administrator, the local priest, and the eldest living resident of the village. What I learned has given me a new sense of who my ancestors were as a group of people as well as why I am who I am.

It was a pleasure to meet Michał and Kinga at their office. Their encouragement and support were more than I expected.

I could never have accomplished any of this on my own and the Roots team was able to work with me on very short notice. I would strongly recommend Roots to anyone who would like to learn about their Polish heritage.

Claudia Stanek, USA

I was so glad I contacted Kinga at Your Roots in Poland. At the time I was really struggling to locate where the births-deaths-marriages records were held for my fathers family village. I found it difficult for a number of reasons:

1) I was in Australia and I didn’t speak Polish
2) My father, who immigrated from Poland after WWII, had passed away and the information I had about the family history was sketchy
3) My father was from a village that is now part of Ukraine

I had sent emails (in English) to the archives in Warsaw to ask for help. They emailed me back (in Polish) which was fantastic, but I found their response confusing and did not know how to proceed.

I searched the internet for a genealogist to help me and was willing to pay for services. But who do you trust? I sent emails to 3 genealogists. Out of the 3, I received one response but she did not give an indication that she was willing to help. Then I tried Kinga at Your Roots in Poland. I liked the fact that they were really clear on the website about who they were and appreciated that they were associated with a university. Kinga responded almost immediately and offered her teams services. I could tell that she was passionate about helping people find their roots.

I was lucky enough to met Kinga and Joanna when we visited Krakow last year (2013). They have been so helpful at every step of the way, speaking excellent English and really demonstrating their extensive knowledge of where archives are held and the people who manage the archives.

Ultimately, Kinga sub-contracted the right genealogist who gained permission to search in the right archive. There was only a small cost for research services. They found the metrical records for my father’s birth and my grandparents marriage. I was so overwhelmed – until then, I did not even know if these records had been destroyed during the war.

I am so glad I contacted Kinga. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Kinga and her team’s services.

Anna Dutkiewicz, Australia

Kinga and her team are amazing! Without her help I would never have been able to discover so much about my family roots in Poland– and to find and be able to actually meet relatives still living there is a dream come true. When I first contacted Kinga the only information I had was that I had heard through family lore that my great-grandfather had come from Krakow and, after living in the US for many years, had returned to live there. Kinga took that small clue and I couldn’t believe what she was able to find. She traced my family back to my great-great-great grandfather and his family living in Krakow in the early 1800s. When we visited last month (another big thank you to Aldona of Skyway DMC who did a fantastic job arranging

all of our travel plans), Kinga arranged a private “Wlosinski history” family tour. Accompanied by historian Adam who had done much of the research and is an expert in the history of Krakow, we visited the church where my family worshipped for over 100 years, the church where my great- randparents were married, and the actual house where my great grandfather raised his family. The culmination of the tour was being introduced to cousins still living in Krakow who Kinga was able to find and arrange to join us for dinner. Kinga is such a resourceful, intelligent, and caring person – I honestly feel that she is part of my extended family now! I am looking forward to working with her again on researching my husband’s Polish roots very soon.

Susan Wlosinski Radlinski, Andover, MA