While I began my journey in 2013 to build my family tree, I learned very early that I needed assistance to obtain Polish records, so I contacted YOUR ROOTS IN POLAND (YRIP) and it was a match made in heaven!!! This company is more than just finding you records, they provide a detailed report of the area your ancestors were born, married, and died in, along with photos of the documents, gravesites, churches, etc. They will translate documents and recommend a plan to take to further your research.
YRIP will answer and take the time to explain any questions you have with a staff of researchers who are outstanding and knowledgeable in the areas of Poland you are researching. I’m constantly asked by fellow tree builders which company I use to obtain the information I have on my tree and the answer is always the same YOUR ROOTS IN POLAND. To this very day, I am continuing to use YRIP and feel like part of their family. Kudos to the entire team at YOUR ROOTS IN POLAND!

Mona Hall, Batavia, Illinois.