I had the monumental task of trying to find a reliable source in southeast Poland to help me with researching my father’s family. I came across the Your Roots in Poland website and sent an initial email to ask some general questions.

Michal replied to my email within 24 hours. From that point, my experience with Your Roots in Poland has been excellent. My family’s search took us to a small town in the Lemko region of S.E. Poland. Michal coordinated locating records, notified county agencies, found additional documentation (and translated for me), and sent his associate to do an on-site search.

The results were much more than I expected. The formal report that I was given was thorough and offered cultural and geographic information as well as details about the origin of my paternal grandfather and his family. Michal was able to help me piece together my grandfather’s emigration story, and I am very grateful.

I felt as though the cost for the research services was appropriate for the impressive quality of work that was done. Any emails that I sent were answered promptly with complete and detailed explanations.

I would highly recommend Your Roots in Poland. I plan to start a second research project with this company very soon.

Kathy from Baltimore, Maryland, USA