With regard to Your Roots in Poland, I am giving high praise for searches well done. My ancestorswere traced back to 1800 with copies of birth and marriage certificates included. I felt the research was thorough and gave me an understanding of my Polish ancestors Information was included about the town that was researched and my questions were answered. I would recommend these researchers to anyone interested in pursuing their families in Poland.

Phyllis White, Massachusetts USA

I highly recommend the services provided by “Your Roots in Poland”. The staff was very friendly and professional. My data was vetted for viability prior to the actual search. After a successful search I was given a PDF file with pictures of the church records with a translation to English. I was most especially appreciative of the picture of my ancestor’s parish church that was included in my final document. I will use them again when possible.

Audrey Cufner, USA

I would like to thank Roots in Poland for doing a great job in researching my grandfathers family.
Within a month I was sent information about my grandfathers family. Appreciate their work!

Carolyn Cloutier, USA

Your Roots in Poland, and specifically Przemysław Jędrzejewski, did an outstanding job finding information for me in Poland. Based on a single baptismal record found by a relative, they were able to find marriage records, birth records, and death records for a number of relatives going back three and four generations. They also took digital photographs of each record. I plan to use them again to research another family line and would recommend them highly.

Siegmund Fuchs, USA

I want to thank you for the wonderful discoveries of my grandparents and also their parents. These 19th century events…births and marriages, along with finding new ancestors, has been a thrill and so very exciting for me and my family. I appreciated your fast analysis of the research and costs that would be done and of the amazing final results! I know what little information I had on my Polish Roots was minimal at best, but your team doggedly tracked down and found my ancestors and have brought a whole new dimension to our family tree. I plan on using your services to track down other branches of my tree, but wanted to thank you on my first project and a job well done!

Dave Łukiewski, USA

Because of Lukasz’ Poland research, we were able to verify a connection that was a mystery in the United States.

My grandfather Joseph Kraus’ estate contained a photo of a Tomasz Kraus. While the photo was important enough for my grandfather to keep, no one in the current family knew who Tomasz.was. Lukasz’ research discovered siblings for my gr-gr-grandfather Martin Kraus – we were able to discover that Tomasz was son to one of Martin’s siblings, meaning he was my grandfather’s cousin. We have since learned that Tomasz was godfather to my grandfather’s first child, and my grandfather was witness at Tomasz’ Chicago wedding in 1913. Without verification of Tomasz’ parents, he would still be a mystery to us.

Lukasz’ work continues to benefit long after his report is delivered. Thanks, Lucasz and YRIP!

Margaret Gaering, USA