Surprising discoveries. One of the reasons, why our job is our passion.

Duing our searching for ancestors in Cracow parishes, repeatedly, completely by accident we discover birth certificates of prominent citizens, whose names have a permanent place in Polish history.

Recently, we were browsing the book of weddings from Saint Stephen parish, and we found marriage certificate of Karol Roman Kremer and Stanisława Kopff, that took place in this church February 21, 1858. Karol Kremer was an architect and conservator-restorer. His father, Józef Krämer came to Cracow from Czech Opawa, after third partition of Poland. Among the other of his achievements, we should include his Neo-Gothic rebuilding of Collegium Maius or reconstruction of cracow Franciscan church, after it was burned down in great fire of 1850. Stanisława Kopff was second wife of Karol. His first spouse was Julia Grabowska, daughter of famous Cracow historian and antiquarian.

What’s more interesting, a couple of months later – on May 1, 1858 – the were wedding of another Cracow scholar – Karol Estreicher got married to Stefania Grabowska. Estreicher is considered „father of polish bibliography”. He earned this title by creating huge bibliography of Polish prints from 1470 to 1889, published in Poland and abroad. Estreicher’s roots can be traced to Moravia. His grandfather, painter Dominik Oesterreicher came to Cracow from Jihlava. Karol was son of Alojzy Estreicher, professor of botany and rector of Jagiellonian University (1831-1833), and Antonia Rozbierska, daughter of professor of Lviv University. Academic traditions were continued by Karol’s sons: Stanisław, Tadeusz, and grandchildren: Karol, Krystyna. Curious fact: Estreicher’s wife was daughter of Ambroży Grabowski and sister of Julia, first wife of Karol Kremer.

Discovering ancestors of our clients always gives us great pleasure, the greater, if on this occasion we have a chance to find documents of famous persons, that contributed huge value to Polish culture.