Graphical genealogical tree

Graphical genealogical tree

Genealogical tree is a multigenerational board of descendants showing kinship. Our company offers a professional preparation of graphical genealogical tree. Beautiful descendant boards pose as a unique element of home decoration. It is an original gift decorating family celebrations such as: anniversaries, reunions, weddings, communions or birthdays.

Option 1: Graphical genealogical tree

Offer referred to those who have genealogical tree, who truly want to buy a unique graphic project, which shows client’s family connections in original and personalized way. Projects are prepared in cooperation with high qualified graphic designers with rich portfolio, according to individual instructions and clients’ preference.

Option 2: Graphical genealogical tree + Genealogical research

Offer referred to those who do not have genealogical tree, consists of two stages:

  •         Performance of genealogical searches HERE
  •         Creation of graphical gnealogical tree