ArsReco – recognition of your unknown photographs

ArsReco – recognition of your unknown photographs

We are a duo of old photography enthusiasts. For a very long time our team has been working in the field of archival pictures identification – especially on recognition the places, where they were taken. This way, we support genealogical research and uncover unknown fragments of family history.

Genealogical research is often connected with family photos. We help track the fortunes of family members, by sorting out and identifying pictures. Thus, we can confirm their residence in specific places or uncover new data, concerning genealogical complexities.

Our work allows us to learn about places, where our ancestors came from, to get to know where they lived, stayed, traveled. Sometimes we bust the family legends, sometimes we confirm them.  But we don’t work on recognizing the people on the pictures.



Our services are directed to people, who keep unidentified photos in their family archives and want to know more about them. We provide identification of those pictures and deliver as much information as we can get from specific photography.

First of all, we determine the place, where the photo was taken – we also try to set GPS coordinates. If it’s possible, we arrange pictures from family archives in series. Usually we provide approximate date of taking the photo. Our offer is adjusted to individual needs of every client.

In the situation, when several pictures will be part of one „series” from the same place, or if information, provided by client significantly help us in research, we grant 10% discount.


  • Initial verification of information and determination, if identification is even possible.
  • Compiling personalize offer with estimate cost.
  • Work on gathered materials – archival and comparative.
  • Preparing detailed description of pictures, in an accessible, aesthetic and legible form.