Date: 12.02.2020

Author: Luiza Bebłot

Title: Album odnaleziony po latach. Rodzinne skarby ze śmietnika

Language: polish


Two old family albums were delivered to us by Ms Anna Lichnerowicz during our genealogy workshops at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia – she found them in the local garbage dump. We decided to take them into our Association archive and try to find someone who is associated with these albums.

The strength of involvement of the Association’s fanpage followers enabled us to find the owners, and the story itself is much more interesting than just the old family photos themselves. Starting from the fact that the grandparents of the albums owned had a photo studio in Wejherowo (Foto – Matejko), ending (and maybe even starting) with the fact that other lost albums are associated with this story, the so-called Piaśnickie albums, which we are now also looking for – this time with Mr. Tomasz Nowakowski. More in our interview at Dzień Dobry TVN.