Polish Roots Tours - 1 DAY trip

Polish Roots Tours project is intended for people who want to visit the places of origin of their Polish ancestors and find living relatives in Poland. Start your amazing genealogy adventure with us!

We often wonder how did our Polish ancestors live? The ancestral trip is a great way to finally answer all these questions. We have adapted our service to your individual needs. On your journey to your Polish roots, you will be accompanied by professional tourist guides as well as qualified historians and genealogists – at every step with their knowledge and experience. If the documents about your ancestors have survived to this day, we will obtain the necessary information about their place of origin. Thanks to this, we will be able to determine the history of your Polish family and even find living relatives, organize a meeting with them or locate your ancestors’ place of residence.

A trip along the ancestral route also includes meetings with representatives of local communities and authorities (parish priests, village leaders, officials, etc.), who may be a source of information about the ancestors sought. Before the trip, our team will check whether the places related to the family history have survived – family house, farm buildings, and the church where your ancestors received the sacraments. We will also check if there are still family graves worth visiting at the local cemetery.

We also provide ongoing organizational and logistic assistance during the trip (e.g. simultaneous translation, breaking the first ice).
Polish Roots Tours is a great idea for a weekend trip, visiting Poland and discovering unusual places that you will not find in the guides. Get to know the places where your Polish ancestors came from. Find out how they lived, what they ate and what they did on a daily basis. Immerse yourself in local culture and folklore!
Polish Roots Tours, 1-2 days, includes:

• 1 hour of online / telephone / stationary consultation in our Krakow office.
• An itinerary tailored to the needs and expectations of customers, taking into account places related to the family’s past as well as local attractions. We want our clients to fully understand the cultural diversity of the places of origin of their ancestors.
• A trip along the ancestral trail,
• Ongoing organizational and logistic assistance during the trip.