Polish citizenship for Polish-British descendants

The British and the Polish have a long history of mutual contact. There are many people of Polish origin living in the UK, especially as the result of the decision to allow Polish 2WW soldiers to remain in the Commonwealth countries after the war ended and the communist regime was established in Poland. So-called 2nd Polish Corps and then Polish Resettlement Corps played an important part in the lives of Poles in the UK. Since then the UK has been a popular choice of many Polish people that decided to emigrate from the country. There are nearly a million people of Polish origin in the UK and given citizenship can be passed through maternal lineage too, many more have a birthright to Polish citizenship.

Polish-British dual citizenship

Securing Polish citizenship can bring back the EU privileges lost by Brexit. You do not have to renounce British citizenship, as both Poland and the UK allow dual citizenship. That means you can enjoy European rights without any harmful impact. Moreover, given the circumstances in which many Polish emigres found themselves in Britain, documentation is easier to get – military records are still kept by the Ministry of Defence and are well preserved. They are accepted as evidence of Polish citizenship by the Polish authorities. We will be more than happy to analyse your case – please do not hesitate to write to us! Your Polish Citizenship is within your reach.

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