Advantages of the Polish Citizenship

Polish Citizenship by Descent

Polish Citizenship by Descent is a perfect way to secure EU rights and all privileges that come with it. It is also fairly simple, as it does not require residency in Poland or knowledge of the language, compared to other methods available. All you have to do is prove one of your ancestors held Polish citizenship in the past and did not lose it – as the citizenship is inherited from the moment of birth. Once it is done, you will receive a Polish passport that has all the powers of a European passport – that is why we call it a Polish-EU passport.

Some of the perks of EU citizenship

With your European citizenship you will be able to:

  • travel freely
  • spend less time at the airports, European citizens have a separate queue
  • reside, work & learn (Sorbonne is among the options!) in any European country of your choosing

Apply for your Polish Citizenship Confirmation now and secure the EU benefits that are your birthright.

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