Polish Citizenship

Polish Citizenship by descent

Polish Citizenship by descent is a procedure of confirmation that one held Polish citizenship. All you need to do is have Polish ancestors, either on the paternal or maternal side of the family. As Poland has Ius Sanguinis rule of passing the citizenship, it means Polish citizenship is inherited from the moment of birth. It is contrary to the rule of land (Ius Soli) that provides citizenship based on the country of birth. It means that Polish citizenship can be passed from generation to generation without even acknowledging the fact. There is, of course, a matter of checking whether you meet the Polish citizenship requirements. If you would like to have your Polish citizenship by descent checked or tested, you could not come to a better place! We are offering a free eligibility check – all you have to do is to fill our survey or reach out to us and our specialists will contact you within 2 business days. Once the eligibility for the Polish citizenship confirmation is checked and we are able to prove Polish citizenship, we can carry out the procedure. It ends with granting you an official government-issued Polish Citizenship Certificate that is exchangeable for the Polish passport in any Polish consulate of your choosing. With that, you are now an EU citizen with full rights and privileges that come with it. Being Polish Citizen equals holding a European passport, as Poland is a member state. With such a Polish-EU passport you can travel freely within the EU’s Schengen Area and not spend time in queues at the airports or to government agencies posting the legal paperwork normally needed to legalize your stay. EU citizen rights mean you can work, study and travel freely in any of the member states. Such European citizenship also extends to your siblings, children and grandchildren so all your family members can enjoy those rights too. Confirmation of Polish citizenship is the easiest way, compared to the requirements of other methods – that usually means mandatory residence or learning the language. Proving Polish Citizenship, which is your birthright, is a great way to secure all of those privileges.  

Prove Your Polish Roots and secure Polish-EU Passport

How to check your Polish Citizenship by eligibility and Polish passport requirements? You can start by filling our survey or checking our quick guide. You can also email us or call us directly. Our specialists will conduct a free eligibility check for you to check whether you can successfully secure your EU citizen rights. We would need documents confirming the fact that Polish citizenship was held in your family and that it was passed to you. If you do not have the documents confirming Polish citizenship, do not worry – we can assist you in finding those in the Polish State Archives and other institutions that might have them. Securing such proof is a direct pathway to a Polish-EU passport.

How can we help you confirm your Polish Citizenship​

We are dealing with all the formalities with Polish institutions, such as the Provincial Office and Registry Office, ordering sworn translations, filling out the forms, doing the follow-ups and supplementing the application with anything that the government might ask to provide. We are based in Kraków and have a lot of expertise in dealing with the Polish government, central and local. You do not have to come to Poland and learn the language. Everything can be done remotely without the knowledge of the Polish language, with us acting as your proxies.

Our exprertise with Confirmation of Polish Citizenship​

We are based in Kraków, Poland and we have direct connections to many Polish institutions. Your Roots in Poland has over 10 years of experience and employs great specialists in citizenship and genealogy fields. We also have competitive pricing, as most of our services are done in-house and not commissioned to other parties. Our citizenship research fees are not flat and they are dependent on what you will need, accommodating to your needs. Moreover, we offer family discounts on the Polish citizenship confirmation itself. The more, the merrier!

Become an EU citizen today, and with your new Polish passport you will be able to:

  • travel freely within EU’s Schengen Area
  • spend less time at the airports, European citizens have a separate queue
  • reside, work & learn in any European country of your choosing

Apply for your Polish Citizenship Confirmation now and secure the EU benefits that are your birthright. Want to do a Polish citizenship test? Not sure what are the Polish passport requirements? Do not hesitate to contact us – the check is free of charge. Polish citizenship is within your reach. 


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