Legal Cases

Professional support to Polish and foreign law firms

Our company has been providing professional support to Polish and foreign law firms in matters of inheritance and ownership search for 10 years. We have successfully completed many cases, including determination of the line of inheritance or tracing the ownership history of a given property. We operate throughout Poland, we also carry out foreign projects (primarily the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Great Britain), using an international network of trusted associates. Due to the complexity of Polish probate research that go beyond the borders of Poland, we also complete documentation confirming Polish citizenship, as well as coordinate the process of administrative proceedings. We look for and find Polish heirs all over the world.

Complete documentation in Poland and abroad

We conduct complex archival inquiries, complete documentation necessary to determine the legal status of real estate or to conduct inheritance proceedings. We search for information in documents stored in state and private archives, libraries and museums, as well as state, local and religious administration institutions. The scope of our work on this type of projects also includes: making digital copies of records (photo / scan), obtaining copies of certified documentation, standard and sworn translation, apostilling of records, historical and genealogical analysis of the completed documentation, necessary travels (in Poland and abroad), contact with offices and natural persons, environmental interview. We also have extensive knowledge of the history of inheritance law, which allows us to freely analyze inheritance cases, regardless of the historical period. In addition to cooperation with law firms, we also help individual clients.

We are fluent in English, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and we have a network of contacts – genealogists, archivists, historians and lawyers all over the world, which facilitates the process of searching for information outside Poland.

Create a personalized offer

Many years of experience have allowed us to develop an effective system of genealogical research, always tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Therefore, the first stage of our genealogical research is completely free. During it, we check the availability of the desired documentation and assess the possibilities of conducting the search (probability of success, implementation time, level of difficulty). Then, based on our analysis, we create a personalized offer with a cost estimate and search plan. The waiting time for a personalized search offer is up to three working days.

We gather documentation which is crucial to determine:

  • Legal status of property/ real – estate,
  • Heirs – in an inheritance proceedings

This service is recommended to a legal offices, real estate trade offices and private individuals.

We search for information, documents, certificates and articles needed for the research in humanistic study, and also technical, cartographic and geodetic documentation for needs of scientific study.