Graphical genealogical tree


Family tree, i.e. a multigenerational chart of ancestors showing the kinship.

Our family genealogy is a collection of a lot of information that should be organized in one place from the very beginning – for example with the help of online genealogy programs. The final form of the collected information is a genealogical family tree, i.e. a multigenerational chart of ancestors showing the kinship.

The Graphical Genealogy Tree

Our company offers professional preparation of the Graphical Genealogy Tree. Artistically made descendant plaques are a unique element of interior design, an original gift that adds splendor to family celebrations such as: anniversaries, reunions, weddings, communions or birthdays. Once prepared, the family tree can be printed many times and given to close and distant relatives as an unusual souvenir.

The graphic family tree can be enriched with portraits of your family members. This is a great way to preserve the images of ancestors in the family memory. Our graphic designer will adapt the photos to the chosen style so that they form a coherent whole together with the family tree.

Are you a family genealogist and already have the necessary information?  We will organize it for you and enter it into the graphical genealogical tree. You will present the results of your work on the family history to everyone in an original and artistic way.

Professional genealogy research service

If you do not yet have the necessary information to order a graphic family tree, we will help you obtain it. Take advantage of our professional genealogy research service. We will get information about your oldest ancestors, examine the availability and accessibility of record books, censuses and other documents that will allow you to create a multigenerational family tree. Additionally, you will receive copies of the documents we find together with their translation. Thanks to our genealogy research, you will learn about the places and realities of your Polish ancestors’ lives. You will also learn where your surname comes from and what its etymology is.

A graphical family tree is an unusual gift that you can give to the next generation, the most important history lesson you can give to your descendants. Save from oblivion the history of those without whom you would not ever exist.

How much it cost?

The price of making a graphic family tree depends on the number of people in it. Below we have prepared a slider thanks to which you will find out now how much your dream family tree will cost. Don’t wait, place an order now!

Package 1: Graphical Genealogical Tree

Offer referred to those who have genealogical tree and truly want to buy a unique graphic project which shows client’s family connections in original and personalized way. Projects are prepared in cooperation with high qualified and experienced graphic designers according to individual instructions and clients’ preference.

Package 2: Graphical Genealogical Tree + Genealogical Research

Offer referred to those who do not have genealogical tree, consists of two stages:
1. Performance of genealogical searches  Here
2. Creation of graphical genealogical tree

    Move the slider and check your graphical tree price.