How to properly store old photographs, both prints and negatives? How to wrap, describe or frame them? We will help you to organize your precious memorabilia or photographic collection and will advise you how to avoid further damage to your materials.

We will indicate safe packaging, adapting the archiving conditions to your possibilities. We will also provide you with a conservation consultation. We will help you verify the stories that the pictures tell – we will add important details to unrecognized pictures, identifying the places and times of their creation.

The service is priced individually.

In our offer you will also find:

  • photographic reproduction or scanning of photographs
  • ordering and describing the photographs (also identifying the places in the photograph or the time of their creation)
  • retouching (cleaning, improving the overall visual quality of the photograph or a detailed reconstruction)
  • making new prints on archival papers (high quality of materials and services, guarantee of durability)
  • protection of original photographic materials (albums, wrappers and acid-free folders)