Wroclaw Dwarves

Wroclaw Dwarves

It is said that there are more than 300 gnomes living in Wroclaw Underground Dwarves’ City. How has it all begun and why these little funny creatures decided to live among Wroclawians? Historians, journalists and ordinary Wroclawians dispute about where has it all stared. Even though they haven’t agreed on one conclusion here are most likely theories that can explain it.

Little Chochlik vs Wroclaw Dwarves

The first one is about Chochlik Odrzański. He came to Wroclaw on a small wooden raft with a shack on it and then stayed a little longer. He probably decided that Wroclaw is the perfect place for tricks. Chochlik Odrzański was messing with the Wroclawians for a long, long time. Just to name a few of his most known pranks he used to untie shoelaces, put salt into sugar-bowls or simply colour water in the city fountains. As you can probably imagine very soon almost everyone in  Wroclaw was fed up with his jokes. Unfortunately he was to small to catch and so they decided to ask for help. They turned to also small but much more friendly and crafty creatures, who eagerly agreed to rescue the city. At first Chochlik Odrzański didn’t want to give up but finally under the command of the most kind of all dwarves – Życzliwek, the dwarves managed to capture the goblin and explain he can no longer tease with good people in Wroclaw. Grateful for their help Wroclawians invited dwarves to stay in the city. Since than the dwarves keep an eye on the streets of Wroclaw.

Orange Alternative and Wroclaw Dwarves

Another popular story tells that dwarves came to town not earlier than in the 80’s. At this time paintings with an image of a dwarf started to appear at the city walls: the smiling gnome in an orange hat and a flower in his hand. These colourful murals were made by the movement called Orange Alternative that was trying to fight with absurd of living in communist Poland.

First inhabitants

According to this story the first dwarf on Polish lands appeared in Wroclaw. Back in the times when Wroclaw was only a small village these little gnomes were helping farmers to run their crofts. For shelter and food they gladly spend time with farmers. That friendship lasted throughout the years. The dwarves’ chronicle says that first gnome was Papa Dwarf who rules the whole Underground Dwarves’ City to this day. It is also believed that names of Wroclaw’s districts come from first dwarves’ names.

September Festival of Dwarves

People grow accustomed with little gnomes and now dwarves are one of the city’s symbols. Although you can find them on the streets of Wroclaw, they live underground in their dwarf community. No man ever entered the Dwarves’ Underground City. It is one of the best guarded places in the entire world. The only thing that is known about this secret and mysterious place is that the entry to the Underground Kingdom is hidden in one of the mouse holes. The problem is, only dwarfs now which one is it. Annually the dwarves have its feast – September Festival of Dwarves. That fairy event, both for dwarves and people lasts for few days, and is the perfect occasion to meet a dwarf in person.