The Polish Passport & Privilege of Free Education in Europe


The opportunity of free education in Europe with polish passport

With the college fees between 25 and 50 thousand dollars, depending on the in-state/out of state and the length of the curriculum (2 or 4 years), many Americans seek the opportunity to study abroad. Not only them – as not many countries offer free education in the present day. Securing the Polish-European passport is a great way to cut expenses when studying in Europe. 

Below you will find a list of countries in which having European citizenship will get you free or discounted higher education. 

Tuition-free higher studies

But first, let’s start with the most famous examples of absolutely free education for all international students. You might have heard about Germany, Norway or Iceland as the ones accepting not only EU citizens to their universities. Whilst true, there are some catches. Norway has one of the highest costs of living in Europe, Iceland compensates the free learning with very high administrative fees (up to 550€ per year) and many of German lands (provinces) back out from free education for everyone, re-introducing fees. 

Meanwhile, having European citizenship means tuition-free studies in Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Greece and Czechia also have free education for EU nationals but you have to know the language first. Without the European passport, fees start from 1,500€ up to 5,000€ per year. That means a lot of saved money! Moreover, the cost of living in those countries is rather cheap. Having from 350 to 700€ in your pockets should cover your monthly expenses. 

Higher studies with discounted fee

If none of the countries listed is in your interest, you can always take advantage of your European citizenship to have your tuition reduced significantly. Austria, France and Scotland all offer considerable discounts for EU nationals. In Austria, you can study for free for two semesters, after which the fee is approximately 360€ for each semester. The cost is doubled for non-EU students. In France, the reduction is even bigger. Holders of European passports pay only from 170 to 240€ per year, meanwhile, students from other countries should expect fees between 2,700 and 3,700€ per year! Finally, until the situation after Brexit becomes clarified Scottish universities have free courses for the first degree, covered by SAAS scholarship – of course only offered to Scottish and EU citizens. In all those countries the cost of living should not exceed 950€. 

How your polish passport will benefit you

Having your European citizenship secured is a great asset, not only in terms of freedom of movement or cutting the paperwork required for the stay – but also budget-wise. Saving thousands of dollars on your higher education is a great example of that. Get your European passport now and enjoy the privileges that come with it. Your European adventure awaits!