Roots Tech 2018

Roots Tech

What is Roots Tech?

As a part of the association’s activity, we try to participate in as many conferences and events related to genealogy as possible. Wanting to constantly expand our horizons, we decided to visit a conference considered the largest of its kind – Roots Tech. But before we share our thoughts with you, something about the conference itself, and what makes it so special.

It first took place in 1998 and has been taking place every year in the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah. The event lasts for four days and is full of all kinds of events; including a whole lot of discussion panels or speeches by famous people. On the large hall there are stations of various companies with broad range of help in genealogical research.

The conference main goal is to connect all enthusiasts of genealogy, regardless of their age, origin or level of advancement. Sounds wonderful, right?

What are our impressions of the Roots Tech 2018?

It definitely convinced us. As a representation of our association Kinga Borowiec and Karolina Szlęzak went there. In 2018 the event took place from February 28 to March 3 and those were four unforgetalble days.

The atmosphere was delightful. We learned many new things and also had a possibility to share our knowledge. We managed to talk with a lot of people, and many of them had Polish heritage! Moreover, we listed many lectures – for those, who are interested, we have good news. You can find all of then in the Internet – there will be some links below.

This year’s conference will be remembered extremely warm. It confirmed us in the belief that genealogy does not have to be boring and can be a fascinating adventure, which allows us to get to know many interesting stories and equally fascinating people.

Therefore, it would not surprise you, that we are going on a Roots Tech 2019 too!