Polish Genealogy Guide. Discover the story of Your Polish Ancestors

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What is Polish Genealogy Guide from YRIP?

An informative guide which enables everyone who has Polish roots to make great genealogical discoveries in the comfort of their own home. The authors: Karolina Szlęzak, Kinga Urbańska and Przemysław Jędrzejewski, using their knowledge, show step by step where to start, how to go about it and advise on what genealogical tools to use. They prove in a remarkable way how interesting genealogy can be and how many secrets it hides when one is skilful at discovering the pages of their own Polish history.

It is a Polish genealogy guide that will be useful both for those who begin their adventure with Polish genealogy and for those who have already taken their first steps in organizing their home archives. Our specialists present specific stages of discovering family stories – incl. suggest how to view and store old photos and documents, as well as how we should understand them, describe which institutions to go to in search of specific information, show the best ways to create a virtual family tree, pay attention to how to use the available sources. The topic of DNA testing is also discussed. We get answers to questions such as – how much does this type of research cost, how to perform it, and what can it really be useful for and how to use it then.

Discovering the stories of your Polish ancestors may help you understand many things in the present. It is a very important element in the stage of getting to know the world around us! If you want to know more, understand your Polish ancestors past better, find something extraordinary … let’s discover your Polish family stories together!

And please be aware – genealogy is an adventure that never ends!