Polish American Heritage Month

Polish American Heritage Month is held each year in October. During this time Polish American communities celebrate Polish American culture and their important role in entire American society.

That Month is an annual event commemorated since 1981 when it was organized for the first time by Michael Blichasz – the President of a Polish American Cultural Center in Philadephia. Since that time it was celebrated each year in August during various events and gatherings in Pennsylvania that were mainly focused on travels and culture. The Polish American Congres together with the Polish American Cultural Center put efforts to lobbie state and national politicians in order to proclaim August as Polish heritage month. In 1984 the Resolution 577 passed and August was officialy recognized Polish American Heritage Month. All Americans were urged to join celebrations honoring Polish heritage in United States. In 1986 the month was changed to October so that schools were able to participate in the events during the school year. October also hold significance as at this month first Polish settlers came to Jamestown, Virginia.

Presidents Ronald Regan and George W. Bush made proclamations and starting with Bill Clinton each President of United States has made proclamations for General Pulaski Memorial Day as well as messages noting Polish American Heritage Month.