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National Independence Day

Each year on 11th of November we celebrate National Independence Day, Polish: Narodowe Święto Niepodległości. It  is a non-working, national day in Poland celebrated to commemorate the

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Forefathers Ritual

Dziady is a pre-Christian All Souls ritual during which those who live celebrated their connection with those who passed away.  It was belived that  souls

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Kinga Urbańska

Polish surnames – how did it all started

Kowalski, Nowak, Zielinski, Kwiatkowski, Wiśniewski, Lewandowski, Kaleta, Wójcik, Kowalczyk, Szymański, Mazur, Krawczyk, Piotrowski, Grabowski, Borowiec, Skiba, Paluch, Karp, Woźniak, Zając, Król, Stępień, Dudek, Sikora, Baran…. So a

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The history of polish zur

Żurek is one of the best known polish traditional soups, recognized worldwide. Rumor has it that Żur was the very first polish cuisine. A definietive

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Stones for the Rampart

Stones for the Rampart, Polish Kamienie na szaniec was written by Aleksander Kamiński in 1943. This nonfiction novel was firstly published by the Polish underground

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