Genealogy for the youngest – a unique journey through time


What is Genealogy for the youngest book?

Perhaps many of us do not realize how important genealogy is. It is thanks to it, among other things, that we can get to know who our ancestors were, and thus get to know ourselves better. Our identity is the result of our family past. One of the activities of our genealogy team is to promote all activities related to discovering the fate of our ancestors. We are sure that genealogy, as well as history, should be learned from an early age – and in addition to learning, it is an addictive game for the youngest explorers.

The members of Your Roots in Poland – Kinga Urbańska, Karolina Szlęzak and Przemysław Jędrzejewski wrote a book “Genealogy for the youngest” to encourage children, parents and grandparents to play detectives of the past. After all, nothing unites and strengthens family ties like talking about common history. Our book is a helpful guide that will show you how to travel into the past together. 

“Genealogy for the Youngest” shows step by step, in a very simple way (with the help of colorful illustrations and engaging tasks) where to start your genealogical search. It is a guide that will allow you to explore the stories of your ancestors, and among the youngest it may spark an interest in genealogical research and inspire future discoveries. In our book you will find a lot of information and historical curiosities, and you will learn about old professions that your ancestors may have had. 

“Genealogy for the Youngest” is not a typical book about genealogy. It is a kind of map with various references to the past, which shows not only how we should look for our ancestors, but also draws attention to the importance of relations with our relatives – especially the intergenerational ones. And at the end you have a place to draw your family tree.