Genealogical workshops

genealogical workshops

Last Wednesday we organized a tour to Archives of Metropolitan Curia in Krakow. It was as a part of our genealogical workshops for seniors.

We started our tour with sightseeing private chapel of Krakow’s Bishops. Sister Karola is responsible for the archives. She told us a fascinating story behind it. Further she also explained to our entrants how the archive works. In addition to this, she mentioned all the procedures and the way data are stored. After this interesting lecture we had the opportunity to look through one of the oldest documents. It came into being and are kept to this day in the chancellery of Bishop of Cracow. The oldest piece we have seen dates back to 1410.

What was the main attraction of the genealogical workshops?

The main point and attraction of our visit was that our group was able to take a look at documents we use while working on their genealogical trees during our workshops. Among many archival documents Sister Karola showed us an original “Renaissance Psalter”. That was written by 19 years old Karol Wojtyła. We all had a rare opportunity to read the beautiful poem he wrote for his mother. Another important point of our tour to Archives at street Franciszkańska was a guided tour to the private chambers of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. We were able to see his private chapel in which relic of Pope John Paul II are kept.

We are immensely grateful for that opportunity as well as for the wonderful assistance of Sister Karola. Together with our workshop’s participants we were all very impressed. It was also a great experience for us to see how much they were moved and how we can affect others people’s lives with our work. We are looking forward to organize more tours of that kind thus we would like to invite you all to join us on our genealogical adventures!