Genealogy portals and programs – where to build your family tree?

Before talking about the portals and programs for building a family tree – those available both on the Internet and possible to be installed on a computer, it is worth passing a few words about what connects them, namely GEDCOM. GEDCOM (an acronym standing for Genealogical Data Communication) is an open de facto specification for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software. GEDCOM was developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS
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ArsReco: Recognizing forgotten and unknown locations of the pictures

What exactly does ArsReco do? Our work consists of identifying and organizing unknown photographs from family archives. We do not identify people in the pictures, but places where the photography was taken. Which often allows us to assign a particular photo to a specific person, event, time. In this way we support genealogical research and discover unknown fragments of family history. Recognition of photography on the one hand is similar to an investigation (yes, it
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"Tropicielki Rodzinnych Historii" - zdjęcie z planu.

Ancestry hunters

For some time you have often heard from us “We’re on the set” or “Today we have shots” or “At the moment, we’re going to the set” and we couldn’t say anything more. A secret, you know how it works. As some episodes could be seen on TV, we can finally say laud how important for us this project was and still is – made for Canal + Discovery “Ancestry hunters“. Thanks to the cooperation
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