Tatiana Midura

Tatiana Midura – junior marketing specialist. At Your Roots in Poland, she manages the office and ensures its smooth functioning. It implements marketing, publication and genealogy popularization projects.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in “Archiving, documentation management and infobroking” at the University of the National Education Commission, defending her bachelor’s thesis with honors entitled “Circulation of information on the example of the Galician robbery.”

Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in “Archiving, office management and digitization” at the University of the National Education Commission and in “Editing” at the Jagiellonian University.

She belongs to the Student Scientific Club of the Institute of History and Archival Studies of the University of the National Education Commission, Twoje Korzenie w Polsce foundation, and the Association of Polish Archivists. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the student magazine “Wehikuł Czasu”.

She is interested in the history of Poland, mainly 19th century Galicia, as well as source studies, editing, archiving, oral history, historical journalism and commemoration issues. She pays particular attention to the connections between history and information science. Information and its diversity depending on the source are important to her. She is interested in the place of genealogy in the modern world.

Tatiana is a fan of heavier sounds. In her free time, she attends concerts and festivals. She loves designing and reading books. She is interested in the contemporary development of the city of Krakow and investments.

E-mail: midura@yourrootsinpoland.com