polish genealogist

Michał Gierszon

Michał Gierszon – Polish genealogist and project manager at Your Roots in Poland, a specialist in analyzing cases and implementing genealogical projects, member of the Association Twoje Korzenie w Polsce. He will be the one who will start your project and guide you through our genealogical service. Michał is graduate of the Jagiellonian University, where he graduated from the following faculties: history (with a specialization in historical anthropology) and preservation of cultural heritage, co-author of the historical monograph Dworek Białoprądnicki. Historia, ludzie, kultura.

Michał analyzes family information that you send us, check records availability and accessibility to prepare a perfect research offer for you. He is also a regular visitor to the state and church archives in various parts of Poland. For over 5 years, he has been helping people from all over the world in finding their Polish ancestors from today’s Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and the Czech Republic. His scientific interests focus on topics such as the genealogy of noble, middle-class and peasant families from the territory of the former Kingdom of Poland (Congress Poland), in particular from the area of today’s Lublin and Zamość regions.

He is especially interested in the fate of Greek Catholics living in the former Lublin and Chełm provinces and the history of Ruthenians living in Galicia. Successfully reads records written in Latin, Russian, German and Old Polish. In searching for his ancestors from the former Kingdom of Poland (Congress Poland), he uses not only vital and civil records, but often uses other sources such as books of permanent population, liquidation tables, notary documents, court registers, school documentation and others. In his everyday work, he tries to emphasize the multiculturalism and multireligious nature of the former Polish lands.

Genealogy is not his only passion. In his free time he does sport, mountain tourism, reads literature (crime stories by Agata Christie and prose by Gabriel Garcia Marquez), listens to British rock music.