Professional Polish genealogist, historian, archivist and most importantly a founder of Your Roots in Poland and Twoje Korzenie w Polsce Foundation. She received a master degree in history, archivistics and historical sources edition at Pedagogical University of Kraków. In the company life she is responsible for strategy planning and business cooperation. She also manages historical projects regarding saving local history. As a tutor she gives lectures on Polish genealogy regularly – both in Poland and abroad (RootsTech Conference). She works with children and adults within genealogy workshops programs all over Poland.

She is mostly interested in the Polish history of the 19th century and emigration. Her favourite research region is Galicia. In the Polish genealogical research she is mostly focused on non – metrical family history sources, such as military records, personal files (career and education), newspapers, obituaries, cemeteries, nobility, censuses and court records. She can read Old Polish, German and Latin. As an additional research field she search for heirs, living relatives as well as collects the documents for inheritance cases. She also had a chance to guide people from outside of Poland in their adventure through discovering their Polish ancestor’s places of origins – within Polish Roots Tours offer.

Kinga and the company were co-starring in Polish genealogy documentary show called Ancestry Hunters at Canal + Discovery in 2018. Very often she appears at radio and TV programs, explaining the importance of knowing and saving your family past. She assisted with uncovering Polish roots in the TV show called: Finding Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr, where she had a chance to work on (among others) Dustin Hoffman, Juliana Margulies, Tea Leoni, Gloria Stainem and Bernie Sanders. In her own genealogy research she managed to get to the 18th century, a family branch located in north Poland and still searching. Genealogy is her job and passion. In her free time she is keen on traveling and sport.