Helena Ushenko

Helena Ushenko – Ukrainian of Polish origin, student at the Faculty of Historical Sciences of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw – postgraduate studies “Genealogy. Theory and practice”. She works with historical documentation in Ukrainian, Ruthenian and Russian – at various levels of advancement.
She studied at the Jagiellonian University at the Faculty of International and Political Studies – Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration as an expert in social organizations and public and cultural diplomacy.
During her studies, she defended her master’s thesis on the issue of acquiring EU citizenship by foreigners of Polish origin from outside the European Union. The study describes in detail the methods of acquiring Polish citizenship by people of Polish origin. She devoted great attention to the issue of minors, adoption and “inheritance” of Polish citizenship, along with the procedure for obtaining the Pole’s Card for people of Polish nationality or active involvement in activities for Poland. In the same work, she described the issue of Polish citizenship after Poland’s accession to the European Union. Particular attention should be paid to the development of factors motivating people of Polish origin from outside the EU to acquire Polish citizenship, where from a sociological perspective the topic of hybridization of cultures in the times of “banal cosmopolitanism”, participation in the EU multicultural policy, the so-called “boutique” multiculturalism, was advanced as well as the attractiveness of dual citizenship in the 21st century.
She also studied at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, at the Faculty of International and Political Relations. There, she was involved in the project “Lifting the Iron Curtain. Central and Eastern Europe in the New Europe: Ukraine in modern history and nowadays”, in which she presented the process of educating ethnic social groups in Ukraine, especially in the Borderlands, Zakarpattia, Volhynia, Bukovina and in on the other hand – on the Ukrainian-Russian border or Transnistria (Odessa Oblast). She is qualified as a company archivist and a first-degree office clerk. She speaks Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English and Bulgarian fluently at an advanced level.
Helena is, first and foremost, a lawyer. She has a master’s degree in law, obtained in Ukraine, recognized in Poland in the nostrification procedure. She specializes in administrative and migration law of the European Union. Participant of the Summer School of Polish Language and Culture at the Jagiellonian University.
She specializes in legalization of foreigners in Poland – being responsible for preparing immigration documentation and completing applications in the legalization processes of foreigners for temporary or permanent residence permits and obtaining visas at the Polish Embassy or Visa Centers abroad. She maintains contact with administrative authorities and control legalization proceedings according to the guidelines and in accordance with specified deadlines for handling matters.
She also deals with genealogical searches of archival documents in order to confirm Polish origin and nationality. This procedure is one of the steps to obtaining the Pole’s Card, Permanent Residence and, in the long run, Polish citizenship. She has professional experience in almost every regional archive in Ukraine,  she also conduct research in Belarus, Russia and in specialized archives of the former Soviet Union. She has experience as a Citizenship and Legalization of Foreigners’ Stay Specialist.
Last but not least – Helena completed a specialized course in legal translations from Ukrainian into Polish, preparing for the exam for a sworn translator at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland. She is interested in politics and reading historical literature. Together with her family, she loves traveling around Europe and discovering Poland.