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Your Roots in Poland – our professional team of genealogists was created to be able to take you on a unique, genealogical journey into the past of your Polish family. We work with all online and offline documentation – we visit archives (state and religious, including diocesan and parish), offices, museums and libraries. We talk to local historians, witnesses to history, and we search available literature. We work with documentation in Polish, German, Russian, Hebrew and Latin, from the entire present and historical territory of Poland, regardless of religion and historical period.

Polish ancestry – how do we do it?

Most importantly, we are not only genealogists, but also historians and archivists – this allows us to provide a more complete and detailed picture of the life of your Polish ancestors. Through Polish genealogy research, we try to answer the questions of how your ancestors lived – what they do on a daily basis, where they lived, we follow their educational path, or the one related to military service. We analyze the origin of the surname and identify photos and family mementos. The summary of our work are genealogical research reports which, together with copies and translations of found documents, recreate the family history step by step. All our work can be presented on a graphic family tree, which our graphic designer will prepare according to the individual taste and needs of the client.

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Our main goal is to help all those who are looking for their Polish roots. We help in obtaining a Polish passport. We promote Polishness, Polish multinational tradition and culture, emphasizing its multiculturalism. We carry out in heir research (we identify and find heirs in Poland and around the world – thanks to the international cooperation of genealogists developed over the years) and property searches – we determine the legal status of real estates. We help in recreating the fate of people missing after World War II, or in finding biological parents and siblings of adopted people. To do it best, we are still developing – we participate in many genealogy conferences in Poland and around the world (RootsTech). We also share our knowledge by organizing workshops and webinars. We are members of the Polish Genealogical Society, the Polish Genealogical Society of America, or the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

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