Your Roots in Poland – the team has been created to take you for a genealogy trip into your family past, through the motherland of your Polish ancestors. We work with online and offline documentation – visit archives (both state and religious ones), museums and libraries. We talk with local historians and search through literature. Krakow-based team works with Polish, German, Latin and Russian (Ruthenian) documentation from the whole present and former Polish territory, regardless religion and time period. Most importantly, we are not only genealogists, but also historians and archivists – which truly improves the work and its results.

Therefore, our main goal is to help all those who are looking for their roots in Poland. Finding facts about your Polish ancestors and their history, providing sentimental journeys to the places where your family members used to grow up and live – this is our specialty. We also want to raise awareness of your Polish heritage and people who are or were close to us. To do it best we still develop – you can find us at many genealogy conferences all over the world e.g RootsTech. We also pass our knowledge further organizing workshops and webinars.

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