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Discover your roots with Your Roots in Poland

Our team has been created to deal with complex archival and press queries as well as virtual data bases within the genealogical industry. All the issues connected with seeking and interpreting any kind of documentation might occur quite problematic to someone who has never dealt with old-fashioned papers – especially written in foreign languages. Therefore our main aim is to help all those who are looking for their roots in Poland. However, as each case is treated individually, we are able to broaden the researching area to the entire Poland.

Finding the facts about your ancestors and their relationships, sentimental journeys to the places where your family members used to grow up and live – this is the main aim of our work. We also want to raise awareness of family roots and people who are or were close to us.

For the past, for the future, for YOU

We strive to be the leader of the genealogical and historical service market. We are going to achieve this by providing services of the highest possible standards, being fully committed to our work and gaining best results. We appreciate the trust of our clients who confide to us their… past.

What do we offer?

Our offer is far more than just searching for your ancestors and discovering your family history. We can help you to find your living relatives and then organize and manage your family meetings.

What is more, we offer help while translating documents. We know that it is not enough to translate the text word by word- that is why our translations include also geographical and historical background.

We work on each case individually. Our main task is to carry out  research which will fully answer all your questions. Basing on all the information you provide us with we make an analysis of possible solutions and the expected end date of the research. The more details we get from you, the faster and easier we will be able to deal with your case.

The final product of our work will be given to you in the most appropriate form.

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